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What happens when you are consistently active on StockPe? 

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We are a country of 130 crore people. Five years ago, in 2017, 3% of people living in India, invested in stock markets. After 5 years, with economy advancing and a pandemic, we are in 2022. Guess, How many people invest in stocks now? The same 3%. 

So, What are stocks? To put it in simple words, the ownership of a company is an asset, like a piece of land. This is distributed into parts and sold or bought by people, just like you would buy a few sqft of land in a large piece of land. 

So, with so many strong businesses spread across India, all 130 crore people must invest in stocks. Right? 

Uh-Nuh! Sadly, That’s still not the case. Why?  

Before we address that, what did we learn from the above facts?  

With only 3% people still investing in stocks in India, and stocks being so easy to understand as a concept, Stock Market in India holds potential.  

Not just trivial potential. Compared to matured markets in the west like USA or Europe, where majority of the population invest in stocks, Stock Market investment in India, still has 3% users onboarded. 

So, if you start investing in stocks now, you still have a competitive edge, which you can retain, if you invest sustainably long-term. 

Now, let’s address why, very few people in India, invest in Stock Markets. There are persistent myths around the stock market, which has been circulating for decades, not limited to the age-old adage, ‘Stock market is gambling’ and ‘Stock market is a place for rich old men that is filled with risks and rigging’. 

Sun rises in the east – Universal truth. What else is a universal truth? Anyone, who can read a balance sheet and decide for themselves, can invest in stocks, and pocket decent returns. 

Most resources for learning finance and stock market is filled with flowery and complicated terms, and a beginner learner can easily get lost in a maze of links, forgetting what he set out to learn. 

This is where, we come in! We at StockPe, have set out with a mission to democratize stocks and finance for everyone. We are committed, in our every step, to ensure that our platform is where you can learn finance easily, and soon become confident enough to start investing with your learning.   

We have a learning platform and a platform where you can play and win tournaments by trying your hand at trading games, to cater to all types of learners.  

We are also an investment platform, where you can start investing with No Money! With the StockPe Coins, you win in tournaments, or when you complete a learning module. You can also invest real money in StockPe investment platform where you can buy and sell shares.  

So, What happens when you are consistently active on StockPe? You get rich! You make zillions! You build wealth! 

Our ultimate goal is – Learn,Play and Invest!  

What are you waiting for?