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Tournaments after 6 PM!

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Now, you can trade at StockPe tournaments and build your portfolio any time, all the time, even after 6 PM.

StockPe tournaments are cutting-edge trading games where you can learn to trade, compete with other players and build your portfolio.

StockPe tournaments – Real Stories :

StockPe tournaments are for people, who want to trade with no money in hand.
These can be students, or people who have no or very little knowledge or experience in navigating investments and people who have a hard time managing their personal finances.

StockPe tournaments are for EVERYONE! StockPe tournaments are for people with very little risk appetite but a greater thirst for learning finance.

StockPe tournaments has been the first place where they learnt trading for more than 3000 successful investors.

All, 3000 and more people vouch, that StockPe tournaments was their maika or puttillu or thaaiveedu or maternal home for trading which launched them into the confident investors they are today, handling their personal finances swiftly with ease.

We still have all those, more than 3000 traders, actively engaging in our app and building portfolios to sharpen their learning along with our lakhs of players and users.

Most players, buy or sell stocks for the first time at StockPe tournaments. Most traders make their first profit at StockPe tournaments.

Our USP – Unique Value Proposition :

We use simple terms and help you in every step of the way without complex jargons to make your learning realistic, relatable to real-life scenarios, and very easy to understand.

StockPe tournaments are a sandbox space, where trading is as real life as possible. We have had 3000 people competing side by side in massive tournaments many times.

StockPe tournament works, how the real market works. Our learning section makes understanding and analyzing stocks, easy as a day.
We have lessons, case-studies and tutorials which make fundamental analysis, technical analysis and trading itself a cakewalk.

Finance is a bed of roses with StockPe. We can challenge you confidently to find a better platform on earth, which makes learning finance as easy and relatable to everyday as we do.

Trading is a piece-of-cake at StockPe. With less effort, you can learn, master and become a confident investor with consistent practice in StockPe tournaments.

StockPe Tournament – How To :

  1. You can start trading at StockPe with no money in your hand.
  2. You are promptly notified when you register for our tournament.
  3. When you start playing, you can buy stocks with your trading balance in the tournament with zero paisaa in hand.
  4. Buy and sell stocks in the tournament using the finance knowledge you gain from our learning modules.
  5. Make profits, and start building your portfolio by buying and selling stocks.
  6. Experience that thrill run down your spine, when you execute your first buy order.
  7. Rank on top and ace the leaderboard to win free rewards!
  8. Top 30 participants will be rewarded.

Why should you play – StockPe tournaments :

Apart from the priceless intangible benefits of learning finance and becoming a confident investor, why should you play or compete in StockPe tournaments?

  1. Win exciting rewards! Players have won Airpods and iPhones for acing the leaderboard.
  2. Discount offers! When you outdo the competition, you are rewarded with discounts and offers at your Fire subscription, Amazon and Hotstar.
  3. Win headphones, surprise gifts and rewards when you perform well.
  4. ‘Earn when you learn!’ is a mantra at StockPe. What does this mean?
  5. When you win in StockPe tournaments, you earn StockPe coins, which you can use as real money – INR to invest in the upcoming StockPe investment platform.
  6. You can make transactions on CashFree with our app.

Features of the Future Present :

Abhi, we have features in the present, where

  1. You have live candlesticks which will help your red and green steps you take when playing the tournament.
  2. In the play section, we have a leaderboard, where you can see your scores and your friend’s scores in that tournament.
  3. Apart from that, you can see scores of past 5 tournaments.
  4. We display live scores of all users in an ongoing tournament!
  5. After the tournament ends, we display the scores of top 10 users in the leaderboard.
  6. We also show your score and rank, with a star struck medal similar to the one you pr teacher adds in your homework notebook at the end of the tournament.

In future, we are working to add,

  1. An optional brokerage fee to help the player with an idea of the real market.
  2. Shorting feature in your way up trading.
  3. Health meter LIVE in tournaments to boost the health of your portfolio.
  4. Hand holding features in tournaments which will help your decision-making.
  5. And many more surprises…! Wink 😉

StockPe after 6PM :

So what are you waiting for? Now StockPe is all day. At the end of the day, evenings are the most productive spaces of everyone’s day to improve your personal strengths.

There’s nothing important in life, than learning and becoming confident with your personal finances and investment.

The easiest and most fun way to learn finance is to TRADE on StockPe tournaments.

The best time to learn is evening. We know your schedule and your comfort is our priority.

Now, stop wasting time in the evenings and start trading on StockPe tournaments.

You can trade and play at StockPe tournaments after 6 PM!

Trade at StockPe, all day everyday.