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Trading games in StockPe!

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We are at the pinnacle of a digital era! Everything can be done with a single click, whether it’s shopping or moving money to other accounts. We do not need to spend so much time hurrying to get things done when even minor activities can be completed with a cell phone. The same is true for the stock market. There are simulators in the market to simulate trading like the NSE smart trading and Bloomberg. NSE is limited to India and Bloomberg is pricy. Both are obsolete, have limited functionalities, fall short of catering to learners of finance and do not replicate the market realistically.

Trading is now done online, which can provide a big return but is risky if a certain degree of knowledge is not obtained. People must study the fundamentals of trading and how it may be used to implement their hard-earned money if not traded properly.

Trading games at StockPe :
That is where, we at StockPe, offer a platform to trade when playing. At StockPe, we make trading fun. Have you learned enough, that you are now confident to compete in a trading tournament? Go ahead! Trading in our tournaments is not a simulation. It’s the MARKET! We bring you alive the market for you to play and trade! Our trading tournaments are designed with the goal to speed up learning.
When making an investment, you earn or you learn! At StockPe you earn when you learn!

Our gamified learning platform was carefully built to cater to all types of learners. Our trading platform is visually stimulating, with robust features, that let you trade with ease. The value proposition our platform brings forth is simplified financial education. We simplify finance and personal finance education at large, with trading tournaments and making learning engaging and fun. Gaming aids in realizing our aspirations and also boosts healthy competition.

Games are the coolest options to learn. Trading can also be learned through simple games that are not only entertaining but also teach important lessons when trading. Nowadays, the majority of stock traders are young people who wish to invest and earn money. As a result, StockPe! is the perfect platform for this, bridging learning and profit.

Gamification in Education :
Gamified techniques have the potential to engage and motivate to learn. Education is a scientific process. The root of successful education is catering to a pedagogy. This scientific process mimics a game. You explore new problems. You battle in new worlds. You bypass new difficulties. Speed is sometimes a competitive advantage. At other times, accuracy is a competitive advantage. You can either hunt or battle in a game. Or you can explore the world in peace, without having to win a battle.

There is a vast misperception around gaming in general, that gaming is childish. But intensive research in gamified education in the past half-decade and trial runs in some educational spaces, have proved, that getting your hands dirty is the surest way to learn anything.

Educational games capture the imagination and attention of students. Games are methodical in employing a data-driven approach to boost learning, instead of passing assumptions, that the learner is gullible. Games transparently designed have the potential to empower gamers and learners alike.

Trading games make gaming actionable. When anything is actionable, our brain is engineered to take immediate action. Games at StockPe are designed to accommodate the best of all these features.

StockPe not only holds competitions but also hosts interactive trivia and quizzes to ensure that people learn while playing.
StockPe offers a leaderboard that allows you to compete with other players and earn coins that may be instantly invested without the need for funds. StockPe leaderboard is a measure of how competent of an investor, you have evolved into.

Tournaments at StockPe:
Our trade tournaments are engaging and make learning fun. Once you win a tournament or make it to the leaderboard, your wallet is rewarded with StockPe coins. StockPe coins can be directly invested in our platform, facilitating investment with ZERO capital!

It’s been a jam-packed few months and we have hosted fin-ed webinars in premier institutes including but not exhaustive of, IITs, SRCC, IIID, NMIMS, DU IGTUW and the University of Lucknow, along the length and breadth of the country.

We are the forerunners in simplifying financial education like never before. At StockPe, We channelize the immersive power of gamification technology to ensure learners are engaged with content, which is difficult to grasp, simplify and enhance knowledge retention.
Start Playing! Start Learning! Start Trading!