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Trading app with ZERO investment 

Is it possible to invest with ZERO money? No. We are not talking about mock trading. Meh! We want to trade in the market live with all its stories. But maybe you are still a student. Or you have just entered the workforce, your money is mostly locked somewhere else. Are you just a beginner in finance and you are sceptical to depart with your hard-earned cash on any asset?

Confidence is Cash! :

At StockPe you invest more and more with only Confidence. Confidence is Cash at StockPe! So, How do you become more confident?

Learning personal finance :

StockPe learning modules are efficiently designed to cater to all types of learners. Are you tired of googling your way through, to secure yourself a decent finance education and you still feel lost? StockPe is the answer to all your ‘Personal Finance’ woes! In our learning modules, we use simple words, which are easy to understand. Our learning modules are in a simple format, so that every beginner, who knows nothing about investment can still have an opportunity to become a confident investor.

We have carefully structured our learning modules, to make learning really easy, engaging and fun. This means you’ll not easily get lost. You will have a clear direction to stride forward. You will also have a flexible space to look up terms.

We have modules for intermediate learners and experts as well. The more you progress in your learning, the more confident you become in finance.
We have a dedicated help platform, which you can contact whenever you feel lost.

We have crisp lessons in video format for learners who love learning from an engaging video and our case studies let you peek into the real market and make decisions for yourselves, with StockPe guiding you, at the touch of the button, in every decision you make.

When you complete a learning module, you become confident. We reward your confidence with StockPe coins. Use your rewards to test your confidence. Try your hand at the StockPe investment platform with the StockPe coins you have earned.

Earn as you Learn:

Compete actively in our trading tournaments. Winning not only gives you a dopamine rush but also increases your confidence. At StockPe, you can trade your confidence for investment. Win trading tournaments, which test your learning. If you make it to the leaderboard ?, or if you won a match ?, win StockPe coins.

Trading app with no investment:

You can start investing with literally no money in hand and just StockPe coins as capital. Investing with StockPe coins is the same as investing with ‘Confidence’ in finance as capital.

We promise that we not only offer a platform where you can Learn, Play and Invest!, but also a platform, which provides an opportunity to increase your value. Because, Why shouldn’t you?

Once you sign up on StockPe, we make it our mission to ensure you learn how to manage your finances better, you become a confident investor and you take that plunge and start investing!

We also ensure that your investment decisions are not impulsive, but made from a place of intuition and education.

StockPe coins are a novel step to ensure that money shouldn’t be an impediment to start investing. However, you can also buy StockPe coins with cash, if you want to.

Are you on the lookout for a trading app with ZERO investment – Here we are! Welcome to StockPe!

Blogs and Feeds:

In our blogs section, we cater to broadcast familiar topics on personal finance, popular finance quips and researched finance strategies.

Check out the Feed section in our app, which is on the far right on the choice pane at the bottom.

In our Feed section, we dedicatedly upload a feed every day. Our feeds span share prices, to guide for buying and selling stocks everyday, market at large, impacts on the market by changes in the economy and trending global news on finance. We also upload tips on personal finance, now and then. At feeds, you can find deeply researched financial insights at your fingertips, to guide your investment decisions. Feeds are posted every day. Check it out!

Check out our app. Start learning and take the first steps to becoming a confident investor.

Because an investor needs Confidence more than Money!