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Wipro Complete Case Study and Business Model

The information technology (IT) solutions and advisory sector is among the swiftest expanding industries worldwide, and it is consistently developing. Enterprises in this sector provide a vast array of amenities, including programming creation, information technology guidance, and upkeep, among other things. As per Statista’s findings, the  global IT services industry is predicted to expand to around $1.1 trillion by 2024. This indicates a CAGR of 4.6% from 2019 to 2024.

Wipro has undergone significant transformations and diversifications. Today, they are a diversified company that offers IT services, consumer care, and lighting solutions. They also have various subsidiaries, such as Appirio, a cloud consulting company, and Holmes, an AI and automation platform. All in all, Wipro is a leading IT services and consulting company that has been able to navigate the challenges and thrive in the industry. In this blog, we will explore Wipro case study and business model, marketing strategy, and everything there is to understand their journey and what makes them stand out.

Wipro Complete case study

Wipro Case Study ( 5-Year Financials)

MetricFY 2022FY 2021FY 2020FY 2019FY 2018
Total Revenue (in ₹ crore)8,13,732.006,43,256.006,38,626.006,16,327.005,70,358.00
Total Revenue Growth (%)26.500.723.628.06-1.78
Total Expenses (in ₹ crore)6,62,381.005,04,357.005,16,136.005,00,862.004,67,947.00
Total Expenses Growth (%)31.33-
Profit after Tax (in ₹ crore)1,22,296.001,07,964.0097,223.0090,037.0080,028.00
PAT Growth (%)13.2711.057.9812.51-5.77
Operating Profit Margin (%)19.7523.2421.2320.8119.86
Net Profit Margin (%)15.4117.4315.9015.2514.68
Basic EPS (in ₹)22.3719.1116.6714.9916.85

Notable Acquisitions:

Throughout the years, Wipro has completed numerous tactical purchases to enhance its standing within the sector. In the Wipro case study, here are some of the most significant ones:

YearCompany AcquiredDeal TypeAmount
2012Promax Applications GroupAll-cashA$35 million
2015DesignitCash and debt€85 million
2016AppirioCash$500 million

Wipro has pledged to attain net-zero discharges by 2040, aspiring to diminish emanations by 55% before 2030. This shows the company’s dedication to sustainability and contributing to a better world.

Wipro Case Study – Most Renowned Clients

UnileverConsumer Goods

Wipro Business Model

Wipro’s business model concentrates on delivering comprehensive IT services and solutions to its global clientele. They have diversified their revenue streams by offering a range of services, including application development and maintenance, consulting, digital, infrastructure management, business process services, and product engineering services.

Another interesting thing in our Wipro case study is Wipro’s unique value proposition is centred around innovation, expertise, and customer-centricity. They’ve established a solid standing for their capacity to offer customized resolutions to fulfil the particular requirements of their customers. They’ve also built a worldwide reach, with branches in more than 50 nations, enabling them to offer assistance to customers in diverse areas.

Key Partnerships:

● A US IT business chose Wipro for engineering services to upgrade its advertising-technology suite and corporate infrastructure. Wipro will assist the client shift workloads to the cloud and offer these services from four worldwide locations under an agile POD-based delivery model.

● Wipro will provide Service Desk, Field Services, and Service Integration & Management to 63-country workers of a multinational chemicals firm. This strategic alliance will streamline operations and consolidate suppliers into one.

● Wipro is partnering with a leading US healthcare plan to grow its self-funded small group business. Wipro’s healthcare payer digital platform will process claims and provide member services, reducing costs.

Wipro Case Study – Cost Structure

Wipro has effectively managed its cost structure, with its IT Services operating margin at 15.1%, an increase of 16 bps QoQ. Their operating cash flows were also at 180.6% of net income for the quarter, an increase of 101% YoY.

Wipro caters to various clients, comprising enterprises in the finance, healthcare, shopping, and telecom sectors. The company has customized its offerings to fulfil the distinct requirements of every customer group, aiding them in forming enduring collaborations with their patrons.

Wipro Marketing Strategy

Wipro’s marketing strategy is tailored to specific customer segments, and they have a unique differentiation strategy. As we have read till now in this Wipro case study, the company has positioned its brand as a leading global information technology, consulting, and business process services company, and this has helped them stand out in a crowded industry. In 2022, their voluntary attrition measured in the trailing twelve months for the quarter was at 23.0%, a moderation of 30 bps from the previous quarter.

Wipro caters to various clients, comprising enterprises in the finance, medical, shopping, and telecom sectors. The company has customized its offerings to cater to the distinct requirements of every group of consumers, enabling them to form enduring alliances with their patrons.

Wipro Share Price and Returns

Wipro stock price and investment returns have fluctuated significantly over the past decade. The Wipro share price has moved around a lot throughout the years. At April end of 2023, Wipro’s stock price was 385.15 Rs. During the previous ten years, the value of Wipro’s shares has varied from ₹212.40 to ₹711.55.

Comparison of Wipro’s Share Returns with Competitors

To gain insights into Wipro’s relative performance and competitiveness, we will compare their share returns with their competitors in the industry. As of May 2023, Wipro share returns in the last 10 years have been 157%, outperforming Infosys (123%) and TCS (130%). Wipro share returns in the last 10 years highlight Wipro’s ability to maintain a strong market position and deliver shareholder value even in challenging times. Regardless of challenges, they’ve upheld a robust market stance, owing to their varied service propositions, formidable financial standing, and strategic endeavours.


To sum up, Wipro exemplifies a corporation that has effectively steered through the fiercely contested and swiftly changing realm of information technology solutions and guidance. From their innovative business model to their tailored marketing strategy, Wipro has proven themselves to be a leader in their industry. Impressive numbers have been shown throughout the Wipro case study, including their consistently rising revenue, profit, and notable acquisitions. We have also learned more about its distinct marketing strategy and stock performance, which routinely surpassed that of several of its rivals.

Wipro distinguishes itself from rivals due to its capacity to promptly adapt to changing market circumstances. They have demonstrated expertise in the industry and customer inclinations and leveraged this understanding to maintain their leading position in their domain. Peering ahead, Wipro’s supremacy in the realms of IT solutions and advisory services is indisputable.

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